What is the value in an actual print?  Or is there value?  I tend to believe that there is great value in being able to present high quality color corrected images to my clients.  One thing that is certain is that whatever digital format you may receive your images on, they are not forever.  No different than an 8 track tape or a the rarely used CD.  Most cars don't even come with a CD player any longer.  

There is something very nostalgic about holding on to an image that has captured you children and your family in a meaningful way.  Time goes by way too fast and kids become young adults before our eyes.  Make sure these moments are captured and preserved with the highest quality paper and ink available.  Can it be an investment?  Certainly, but years from now when looking back at those physical images you will never regret making that purchase of you and your family.  These are keepsakes, not just pictures you snap on your iphone.  

There really is no comparison when it comes to looking at your photographs on a phone or computer versus flipping through real photos.  That ability to touch and feel the ink and paper is part of the nostalgia that comes with printing your images and flipping through a high quality album.  

Make the investment in fine art prints.  You won't regret it.